2015/2016 - 'BEUGUE YAYAM' (Fashion Against Malaria)

People who know me personally, know my connection to The Gambia and the fact that I lost my mum in The Gambia, due to malaria, 12th of December 2012.
I really want to do something against malaria in the country I love the most, but where also my most loved best friend was taken from me... To support the fight against malaria, I launched the 'BEUGUE YAYAM' (love my mom)-Jewellery collection at Chocolate Sisters, medio November 2015.

I decided to let fashion fight malaria!! 25% of the profit of each sold jewellery-item of the collection will go straight to malaria prevention and treatment (bednets, education and medication) in The Gambia, West-Africa.

The 'Beugue Yayam'-collection contains colourful and unique designs, and in each design there's only one available. Braided textures, chains, leather and faux-fur mixed with gold- and silver metals makes the collection unique and matching with Chocolate Sisters and our style. The items can be worn with the AFRICANIZM-collection, that came out in the same period of 2015.

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